Blurring boundaries between earning, learning, and living

Aproflow is a fully-integrated educational program and network focused on emerging trends, curriculum enhancement, industry partnerships, and authentic student experiences. This initiative is anchored upon a statewide career expo, ongoing curriculum integration opportunities, and programming throughout the year and hosted at multiple partner institutions.

What We Provide

Discovery Sessions to gauge/drive interest and participation
  • Faculty-only: Explore fundamentals of distributed systems; open doors to broader discussions of cross-discipline potential;
    contextualized for unique institutional cultures.
  • Public/Open: Students, faculty, and community convergence for review of distributed systems and access to program overview.
  • *Offered free, at any time, and without commitment!
Semester-integrated extra-curricular sessions
  • Invite industry thought-leaders to conduct talks/workshops as supplements to existing curriculum.
  • Focus on “soft” and/or trade skills needed to succeed in emerging industries (*relevance for any audience).
  • Opportunity for students to network and receive mentorship from experts within the blockchain community, and beyond.
Student Hackathon and Industry Job Fair
  • Offered as a semester kick-off to seed projects or as a closing capstone.
  • Optimal opportunities to receive mentor support, get hired, start a company, or simply learn interactively with peers.
Direct connections to high-exposure events
  • Attend as participant and/or volunteer to gain event support experience.
Alignment with, and potential to influence, K-16 blockchain policy and programming in connection with the U.S. Department of Education.
Student opportunities for industry-expert exposure, paid/free
internships, gig/freelance/bounty work, and/or full-time employment.

Our Team

Dan Shields
Dan Shields - Founding Partner
Founder CORE Assembly
ETHDenver and Colorado Blockchain Community Steward
Taylor Kendal
Taylor Kendal - Founding Partner
Consultant, U.S. Department of Education Office of EdTech
Al Pisano
Al Pisano - Founding Partner
Director - EdTech @ Stony Brook University
President of IntegratEdtech and iGame4